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The strongest abandons less
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The strongest abandons less

Posted By Bell Nichol C     Aug 23    


Heyi Xianwang looked gloomy, he glanced at the name of the big Luo Xian, the big Luo Xian understanding, know that this is to remind him Meng Qian to admit defeat. Actually does not need that big Luo Xian to remind, Meng Qian already planned to admit defeat. But as soon as he opened his mouth, the dark red halberd of the cold green shirt suddenly closed, and the endless blood disappeared without a trace. Meng kill a happy in the heart. I knew immediately that the opportunity had come. Poof.. A blood light came to Meng Qian's body, Meng Qian opened his mouth and finally understood the meaning of the cold green shirt. Leng Qingshan knew that he was going to admit defeat, and unexpectedly condensed all the killing intentions of the endless blood Jiao into a halberd line. At the moment when he thought the opportunity came, he tore his body through a sneak attack. But this is not over, the dark red halberd in Meng Qian's body suddenly a twist, Meng Qian's body immediately split open, instantly turned into a fog of blood. In the fog of blood, Meng Qian's primordial spirit was split by the shadow of the dark red halberd in the cold green shirt. Turn into nothingness in the blink of an eye. In the second game, Leng Qingshan won. Heyi Xianwang's eyes were cold. Meng Qian was not only defeated, but also killed by Leng Qingshan. He glanced coldly again, and by this time he had become a thorn in his side. If it wasn't for the disruption of the order of the game. Meng Qian would never have been killed. The host of the big Luo Xian saw Meng Qian was killed, he hit a spirit,shuttle rack system, he did not have time to stop the cold green shirt to kill Meng Qian, this is not a small matter. He knew for a long time that he and Heyi Xianwang had become mortal enemies, but he didn't care. In the third game, Qin Wuren played against Xuan Leng Fairy. Yan Xuan Fairy ranks second only to Zhang Kuang on the list of celestial beings, but the ranking does not represent strength. Her strength is much weaker than that of Zhang Kuang. However, her beauty should give her some points on the list of fairies. Although nine out of ten fairies in the fairy world are extremely beautiful people, the beauty of Xuan Leng Fairy is beyond the average beauty. Qin Wuren did not have any concept of beauty,industrial racking systems, and he killed two of the three enemies. The third is not that he doesn't want to kill, but that his opponent just escaped from the ring. At this time, Leng Qingshan had just killed Meng Qian, and the color of blood had already inspired his murderous look, and he had already regarded Xuan Leng Fairy as a prey. For others. In the face of such a beautiful woman as Xuan Leng Fairy, she may be reluctant to lay a heavy hand. But Qin Wuren has no such concept at all. As soon as two people start work, Qin does not have the blade is to make a move with all one's strength, on the entire ring even all is his magic weapon burst out the ray of light. Although Xuan Leng Fairy is a woman, her hands are not much worse than Qin Wujian's. As a result, the restraint of the ring was shaken by the two men, and it was no longer clear who had the upper hand. For the battle between Qin Wuren and Xuan Leng Fairy, he did not use divine consciousness to check. He doesn't attach much importance to who wins and who loses in this match. He was wondering where he should go after Dao Ge? An hour later, the sound of magic explosions in the ring did not decrease, heavy duty cantilever racks ,push back racking system, but became more intensive. How dare you A clear and abrupt voice came from a distant place, which made him come to his senses. The voice was still far away, and a shadow was close to the square, but before the shadow reached the front of the ring, he saw a scream on the ring. The shadow stagnated in an instant, and he could see clearly that this was a very beautiful woman, who was also the immortal king. How dare you kill Xuan Leng, I'll kill you. The immortal king said in a harsh voice, and then raised his hand and shot out an ice arrow. It was obviously a very simple ice arrow, but he felt that his mind had been taken away. He didn't even dare to sweep the ice arrow with his divine consciousness. He had an intuition that once his divine consciousness touched the ice arrow, his sea of knowledge would roll out of control and even melt. Is this the action of the immortal king? Awesome. Kui was shocked, and at the same time he lowered his head and clenched his fist. This female fairy is just a random ice arrow, he is so frightened, if it is the immortal king with all his strength, what should he do? At this time, he finally understood that even if he could kill the enemy, even far from the same level of opponents can be compared, when he arrived at the big Luo Xian, he may not be able to kill the worst ordinary immortal king. Chapter 1692 sudden changes in the situation You had the bad luck to meet me, Jane. Literature bar wxba "after the Mayi Xuanxian came up and took a cold look, a pair of blue giant axes had been sacrificed.". There was no chance to speak, and he was a killer as soon as he came up. The two axes even tore the surrounding air into two black lines, directly forming a cross crack, and in the blink of an eye they came to the front of him. After the two black axe shadows came out, the people under the stage knew that there had been a fight. Anyone who looked at the two crossed shadows had a feeling that the two axe shadows were splitting at themselves. Some of the low cultivation of the virtual immortals is a cold sweat, and even some people also spurted a mouthful of blood. Xu Ji, who had already withdrawn from the competition, had a heavy heart. He did not know how to avoid it. He could never avoid the shadow of these two axes. From the trajectory of the axe, the two shadows are not only extremely fast, but also bound by space. He was even more grateful that if he had stood on the stage facing Jane, he would have died. Kui looked extremely hasty, and in a hurry, he could only offer a shield magic weapon, barely blocking the two axe shadows. Click.. Two axe shadows split the shield, and the shield magic weapon was split in an instant. He flew tens of meters away and barely stopped, showing a trace of white on his face. Purple Rain Fairy and Xu Ji's heart sank, they seemed to overestimate. Just that move is really very powerful, the axe shadow virtual tear means they want to block, I am afraid some difficulties, but almost did not block, but it is beyond the expectation of two people. I have understood Jane's ability to kill. Compared to the Bloody Fairy,radio shuttle racking, Jane is much better. But even so, it won't take long for him to kill Jane. He is determined to kill Guan Feijian now. It's too easy to kill Jane at this time, but it's not so easy to kill Guan Feijian later.