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Supermodel saved the world again today.
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Supermodel saved the world again today.

Posted By Bell Nichol C     Aug 23    


Master, there are so many women who love you. Will you put down your posture in order to please them? But maybe you will still rely on yourself. Master wants to soar so much that he will not give up his life. Then I hope you will live in pain. Angel suddenly burst out laughing, laughing like a phoenix weeping blood, she did not go to the direction of the immortal road, but to their own sacrifice, burning magic, blocking the gap in the punishment of heaven. Amu, I don't want the traces of our life together to be destroyed. If there is an afterlife, please don't meet me. Be a happy and carefree Amu. But do not see the figure of the white-haired woman, is dissipated between heaven and earth. Many, many years later, there is such a sad and beautiful love story in the play. The beautiful elder sister met the legendary dragon in the Peach Blossom Spring. They became husband and wife. In order to resist the punishment of heaven provoked by the master, they took their bodies as sacrifices and both dissipated in heaven and earth. Of course, the villain in the story can only wander all the time, dare not show his face, no matter where he is, he will be reviled. At the end of her wish, Angel woke up in the room of the Time and Space Administration. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw the big face of the toot ball system. She twitched the corners of her mouth, but the shadow and grief in her heart still lingered. You did a good job in this task. Although you didn't protect the real dragon, you let Wen Wen get a more painful ending than death and saved all the people in the world. It happened that you died on the weekend. Relax and continue the next task. [The score of this wish task is A, and the score of Amu's favorability is 100 and Master's favorability is 65, and the score is 165.] I don't care if it's the weekend. What I care about is Amu? Where did he go? Angel's words are very urgent. It's Qingying's life that has nothing to do with you. As for Amu's whereabouts, you will know when you get a better level one day. Why do you still want to find him? "I just want him to have a good life and not meet me again." She is only close to Amu for the task of her wish. She can't afford his sincere love. She still doesn't know if her heart has ever liked Amu. Remember that you are here, just a salesman, do what you should do, or accept the obliteration,automated warehouse systems, after your task, to the weekend is a reincarnation, just come back to rest, and then continue. Dudu ball stopped, "Don't talk about feelings with me, the salesman of the Time and Space Administration is not qualified to talk about it.". Don't forget what you really want. After these words, the system toot ball disappeared, leaving Angel with a sad face. The author has something to say: Can't write about Amu's death: ( Simple and kind Amu Wuwuwu Is there anyone who likes star writing? Welcome to poke the history of filling holes by the female generals of the Empire next door. Struggle history of imperial female generals Chapter 15 Be Sweet Every Day (1) After a day's rest, Angel's mood was somewhat relieved. She calmed down and thought about the system. She thought that the system meant that Amu was in another space, and only when she reached a higher level could she have the right to view it. She shook her head and temporarily suppressed her bad mood. The next task character she opened the system to was a somewhat unruly rich girl. Said to be unruly, Angel saw her at first sight, the usual dress, dark circles, a look of malnutrition, asrs warehouse ,metal racking systems, this is the unruly rich girl? Angel exits the selection system and re-logs in, or shows that the task object is still an unruly rich girl. Seeing Angel's puzzled eyes, she began to tell her story. Her name is Ye Leshi, which is the name given by her mother who died of illness. It means charity. But her father is a real gangster. He used to be on the road. Later, he made a fortune and had an illegitimate child. She was brought up by her mother's friend Aunt Zheng, because of the long-term lack of love, infatuation with online games, often staying up late to play games leading to heavy black eye and malnutrition, when she was a child, she was always bullied to ask for protection money, and her father would always emphasize playing back like a hooligan, after all, she grew crooked and was invincible all over the world. And because the game played well and was forthright, a large group of younger brothers gathered behind him. But she still has a girl's heart, she fell in love with Aunt Zheng's son Lu Yichu, deliberately made things difficult for him and tortured him in order to attract his attention. But Lu Yichu fell in love with another girl, their school's white lotus flower, oh no, their class flower white lotus, Ye Leshi was later transferred to their school, began to make things difficult for white lotus, but with her IQ can only be small. But then Lu Yichu ran away and slapped Ye Leshi severely, questioning why she wanted to find someone to take away Bai Lian's innocence. Ye Leshi said that she didn't do it herself. If she wanted to make things difficult for people, she was fair and square. But Lu Yichu didn't listen. He left the Ye family and started his own business. He became a famous big enterprise in A city. He began to attack Ye Leshi. And her father seemed to suddenly open his head, felt that he owed his daughter and so on, and Lu Yichu positive resistance to protect her daughter, the result of her father's business bankruptcy, Ye Leshi also lived on the street, but was found by the white lotus hooligans tarnished the innocence, and she also committed suicide with hatred, so formed a great resentment affected the plane, was brought over by the system. My wish is to make Lu Yichu regret. I want Bai Lian to be ten times more painful than me. She paused for a moment and said, "Well, before that, please help me take good care of my father, although he is really not a good father, and my brother." Angel's jaw has dropped, is this the plot of the novel, the vicious female partner to turn over? "I accept the task." Angel in the selection system press confirm, she also has no choice, do not accept is obliterated. With the transmission, she slowly opened her eyes in a daze, and there was a European-style pink room in front of her. A pink Simmons bed with pink bedding. The pale pink mosquito net above the bed was tied to the bedpost, and there were small cups on the cabinet beside the bed. In the distance,teardrop pallet racking, a white carpet of fluff lay quietly on the floor, and a curtain of pale pink lace was pulled aside in front of the window, next to a pink sliding wardrobe.