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Rebuild the Prehistoric Recipe of Adverse Life
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Rebuild the Prehistoric Recipe of Adverse Life

Posted By Bell Nichol C     Aug 23    


"Well, that's right. In that case, we don't have to delay any more. Let's go there now." Xuan Mu nodded his head. All right, go. Xuanyu agreed, and then, together with Xuanmu, went out of the Three Immortals Island to guard the big array. The two of them set up an auspicious cloud and rushed to the prehistoric mainland. It has to be said that with the help of Ye Feng's great merit, their cultivation has broken through to the peak of quasi-holy realm, so it didn't take much time for Xuanmu Xuanyu to come to the coast of the East China Sea. The breeding ability of this human race is really terrible. In the future, I'm afraid that even the Lich Clan will be outdone by this human race. Xuanyu, who was hanging high in the sky, looked down at the busy human race below and sighed. When he was entrusted by Nu Wa to take care of the hundred thousand new human beings, he took them directly to Sanxian Island. According to his idea, the Three Immortals Island is so huge, and now there are not many monks, it is easy to place these people there, but also just let the Three Immortals Island lively, no longer seem so deserted. Just did not think of Ye Feng at that time without saying a word, then let Xuanyu find a new settlement, these people to drive out of the three immortal island. At the beginning, he also said that Ye Feng was not human, did not understand why, but now, he finally understood that this was only a few years away from the birth of the human race, ah, less than a thousand years, the human race had developed from the original one hundred thousand to one billion,caustic calcined magnesite, and the whole area of the East China Sea coast within a radius of ten million miles had been completely occupied by these human races. Three immortals island simply can not bear such a speed of reproduction, to accommodate such a huge human race. Younger Martial Brother, that's not true. Heaven is balanced. Although the human race has a terrible speed of reproduction, don't forget that the life span of the human race is short, only a few hundred years. And they will not have any powerful magic, although because of the drop of Nu Wa's blood, these human bodies and souls are very powerful, the potential is unlimited, but this is mostly for the first batch of human, as for the latter human,Magnesium Sulphate price, as generation after generation of reproduction, these abilities will gradually degenerate, and eventually will become more and more common. But is the first generation of human race, although the body and soul are powerful, but they do not know how to use, to now, only know how to use brute force to attack those ordinary beasts and monsters, in this dangerous flood and famine in self-protection, there is a simple perception of nature, learn to make fire, build houses, to solve the problem of food and clothing. There is no way to compare with the huge Lich Clan, let alone the Lich Clan. Xuanmu shook his head and said that he had a calm character and saw much more thoroughly than Xuanyu. What Elder Martial Brotherther said is very true, but I am thoughtless. Xuanyu a face embarrassed way, he just too shocked, so as to ignore some other factors, even though the human race reproduction speed is very fast, but because of the life span, as well as the monster attack and other reasons, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,Magnesium Oxide powder, the human race is now the number of people to reach the level of the Lich clan, it is also very difficult, as for the strength, it is impossible. "However, this human race passes on our Sanxian Island orthodoxy, but it is just right to go, we go to see, this hundred years, the new generation of human race aptitude, good will be directly under the door." Feeling the embarrassment of Xuanyu, Xuanmu changed the subject with understanding. All right, go. Speaking of these, Xuanyu's embarrassed color was swept away, and there was only excitement on her face. They are now quasi-holy peak of the great power, now the most important thing is nothing more than the last step of the sermon. And in addition to the doctrine, is the problem of orthodoxy, but with a command of Ye Feng, this problem of orthodoxy is no longer a problem. At the beginning, when Ye Feng asked Xuanyu to take the human race out of the Three Immortals Island and find a new settlement, he ordered Xuanmu Xuanyu to select some of the human race income and pass on their magical powers. As for the rest, don't worry about it. So Xuanyu Xuanmu, after some observation, selected a hundred human beings and brought them to Sanxian Island to pass on their magical powers. This do not pass do not know, a really scared, the first generation of one hundred people aptitude is simply terrible, because they are chaotic soil and three light God water kneaded, but also have one hundred thousandth drop of Nu Wa's blood, practice speed is very fast, this is only less than a thousand years, this hundred people have already passed the disaster, have proved the immortal way, if not because Ye Feng has a command, They really want to bring all the Terrans under their doors. One thousandth, not more than one thousandth of each generation of human race, can be less than not more. At the beginning, Ye Feng just said such a sentence lightly, so Xuanmu Xuanyu decided to come to the coast of the East China Sea every hundred years to select a group of new human beings to practice in Sanxian Island, this is the seventh time they came here. "Shangxian, it's Shangxian. Come out to meet Shangxian." As a strong man on the ground found two auspicious clouds on his head, the whole tribe of human beings ran out one after another and said excitedly that they all knew that every hundred years, the two immortals who had taken care of their human race would come to them to choose some children to learn the magic of flying clouds and fog. Although they were not chosen for some reason when they were children, they still have children. If their children are chosen, they will naturally be excited. Although this will make them basically can't see their children, but think about if their children can be like the last few monks, in the immortal there to learn the art, perform well, and then fly back to visit relatives, be envied by the entire human tribe, their hearts are naturally excited and proud. "Welcome the two Dharma protectors to the human race." At this time, with the help of a group of people, the three elders came to Xuanyu Xuanmu to greet them respectfully. The three old man is the original one hundred thousand people in the east China sea still survived three, now are almost eight hundred years old, this is really a miracle for the human race, and they know more about Xuanyu Xuanmu than ordinary people, for Xuanmu Xuanyu, and the mysterious three immortal island owner, they have been grateful, so many years have passed, They are no longer the original birth of the confusion, also know that the flood is quite dangerous,Magnesium Oxide price, if not because of Xuanyu Xuanmu, their human race has been completely exterminated by various disasters, where can it develop so far? (PS: Ask for tickets and ask for collection) Chapter 174 choose the human race! Chapter 174 choose the human race.