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A Record of Book Editor's Persuasion to Quit--Kong Ju
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A Record of Book Editor's Persuasion to Quit--Kong Ju

Posted By Smith Smith     Aug 23    


This is also a nonsense. Mei Yuchen wrote a suspense novel, not a love novel, and he knew something was wrong with the game with his toes. Uh Mei Yuchen answered without any expression, which was a step down for Bai Sijun. But this game. Bai Sijun said hesitantly, "It's about love cultivation. Will there be a love plot in it?" Mei Yuchen is good at depicting human nature with words, and the plot of his works is usually adult-oriented. If we use color as a metaphor, his works should be red and black, hot and deep, which is obviously not consistent with the word "love" with pink flavor. There are some at the beginning. Mei Yuchen replied lightly, obviously looking like he didn't want to say much. Bai Sijun suddenly had a feeling, in fact, Mei Yuchen did not want to show him, just because he felt bored, so he deliberately found him something to do. In this case, Bai Sijun can only follow the chat. He thought for a moment and said, "You don't seem to have written about love." "Indeed." Mei Yuchen curled the hair on his shoulder with his index finger. "I'm not very good at this." "Because it's male and female?" Bai Sijun asked subconsciously, but he regretted it when he asked. He didn't want to show that he cared about Mei Yuchen's sexual orientation for fear of being misunderstood as malicious, but in fact he really couldn't take it calmly. It has nothing to do with gender. Mei Yuchen said, adding at the end: "I'm just not good at it." "It shouldn't be difficult for you." Bai Sijun said quite seriously, "From shallow to deep, from deep to shallow, since you can write complex human nature, that simple love is certainly not a problem." Mei Yuchen suddenly laughed and asked, "Do you think writers write by imagination?" The familiar "homework" is coming again. Bai Sijun lowered his eyes and thought for a second, then raised his eyes and said: "Imagination is a very important factor, but the foundation should still be personal experience." "Or personal accumulation." Mei Yuchen said. This time he did not satirize Bai Sijun's answer, nor did he deliberately embarrass him, but let Bai Sijun a little surprised. Just listen to Mei Yuchen added: "My story comes from the things I have experienced or contacted, including reading other writers'novels or movies and TV dramas to inspire, but I am blank in love, so it will be more difficult to write." When Mei Yuchen said, Bai Sijun began to listen and think, but when he heard the words "a blank", pipe cantilever rack , his thoughts were stuck. Suspecting that he had misheard, he asked uncertainly, "a blank?" Mei Yuchen stopped playing with her hair and answered with her eyes half open: "Yes." Bai Sijun tried not to show surprise and asked, "You.." Never been in love? Mei Yuchen shrugged his shoulders indifferently: "No." Then why are you pretending to be a sex expert? How dare you learn those gorgeous descriptions from watching porn? Bai Sijun suddenly has confidence, because he is not a virgin, from this level, he should be regarded as Mei Yuchen's predecessor. Perhaps Bai Sijun's expression was too subtle. Mei Yuchen frowned and asked, "What's your expression?" "Uh, no." Bai Sijun hurriedly put away the self-confidence that came from nowhere in his heart, "I just didn't think that writing would delay falling in love." Mei Yuchen stared at Bai Sijun for a while and asked, "What's the problem with not falling in love?" Mei Yuchen's tone was a little more serious, not as casual as just now. Bai Sijun did not know whether his words had offended Mei Yuchen or whether his showing off had been discovered. He hurriedly remedied: "No problem. I just feel it's a pity." "What a pity?" Mei Yuchen raised his eyebrows and asked. You look like.. The straightforward praise was swallowed back by Bai Sijun. "It's not bad. I really can't see that I'm still a virgin in my thirties." There was a silence in the living room. Mei Yuchen narrowed his eyes and looked at Bai Sijun for a while, then suddenly raised the corners of his mouth. Bai Sijun was stared at so that his back tingled. "What's wrong?" He asked uneasily. Mei Yuchen raised her chin slightly and looked straight at Bai Sijun and said, "Who told you I was a virgin?" "Haven't you ever been in love?" Said Bai Sijun. "Never been in love," Mei Yuchen paused and hooked the corners of his mouth. "That doesn't mean he doesn't have a bed partner. ” Bai Sijun wanted to find a hole in the ground. For the first time, he felt that the taste of hitting the face was so sour. Before he could answer, Mei Yuchen said with interest, "If you don't believe me, you can try with me to see if I can." The last three words Mei Yuchen said very slowly, I do not know whether it is Bai Sijun's illusion, Mei Yuchen's eyes seem to become charming and seductive. Will Mei Yuchen? If the description in his book is his own experience, it is really very good. Bai Sijun felt ashamed of his childish idea just now, while Mei Yuchen seemed to enjoy his reaction and deliberately asked with a concerned face like an elder: "You haven't tried with a man yet, have you?"? Would you like me to give you a taste of death? Bai Sijun's first reaction was that he had not done it before, and there was no desire to die. But naturally he did not dare to follow Mei Yuchen's words. He turned red and held his breath for a long time, and finally said dryly, "You pay attention to hygiene and safety." Mei Yuchen laughed out loud. "I'm paying attention," he said. Then he deliberately added, "Don't worry." "It's none of my business." Bai Sijun muttered unnaturally. Mei Yuchen no longer answered, but looked at him and smiled. Bai Sijun immediately felt that the meaning of his stay here was only for the entertainment of Mei Da, but he was clearly here to work. He frowned and said with a straight face, "Hurry up and write. Time is running out." Mei Yuchen seemed to have had enough. He put away his improper smile and answered lightly, "Good, editor." Chapter 13 why do you care so much about that uncertain guy? Bai Sijun's Fried Rice with Egg was not bad, but it was not good enough to eat two meals in a row, so they ordered takeout in the evening. After cleaning up the takeout box, Bai Sijun left Mei Yuchen's villa, until then, his impetuous mood finally returned to normal.