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Devour the soul against the sky
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Devour the soul against the sky

Posted By Lang Lang     Aug 23    


It is also after knowing the existence of the western continent, Warcraft began the wanton slaughter of civilians in the eastern continent, the idea of these Warcraft is very simple, since the resistance is mainly concentrated in the eastern continent, then kill all the human beings in the Eastern continent! As for the problem of not having slaves for them to use, there is no need to worry about it. Isn't there a whole continent of human beings in the western continent? As long as all the human beings in the western continent are killed, then the human beings who rule the western continent will be fine. Now the number of Warcraft is greatly reduced, and the demand for slaves is naturally not as much as before. Funny to say, in this way, Warcraft in the subconscious actually began to have a certain idea of protecting the western continent, want to control the war situation in the eastern continent, so that after the end of the war, at least they have a basically undamaged territory, such an idea is the same as Liu Feng's idea, so the war has come to an end. Warcraft did not say that they would abandon the eastern continent and destroy the western continent. But on the other hand, the human beings in the eastern continent have suffered devastating casualties. The original population of more than 1.2 billion has dropped sharply to less than 10 million in only half a year. This is only an estimated figure. The human beings living in several secret strongholds who can become reserve forces are less than 6 million. Among them, most of them are old, weak, women and children because of the change of animal souls.. Volume 16 Chapter 1044 Guess For humans and Warcraft, the recent days have been somewhat uncomfortable, because of the sharp decline in the number of humans,manganese beneficiation plant, the available combat power continues to increase by a limited margin, if you want to continue to increase the number of strong holy ranks, then you have to use the reserve resources of the western continent, and for Liu Feng, this is what he is unwilling to do. For Warcraft, it is even more uncomfortable. On the eastern continent, the army of Warcraft seems to have fallen into a strange circle. If they get together,Carbon in Pulp, they will not be able to meet human beings. Once they disperse, they will immediately encounter human encirclement and suppression forces. The whole war is now very suffocating. Almost every Warcraft's heart is more or less frustrated. The most difficult thing for these Warcraft to understand is the idea of the powerful gods of the race. Although the human god-level strong did not directly participate in the war, but there are still some twists and turns to help, and this kind of help has a far-reaching impact on the whole war situation, and even can be said to have reached the point of controlling the war situation, on the contrary, their own side of the god-level strong has been looking on coldly, it seems that even if the extinction of the race has nothing to do with them. So although Warcraft still has a certain advantage in terms of the situation, on the whole, it is easier and more comfortable for human beings to play. After all, the power of human beings is growing, while Warcraft is constantly consuming, and the gap between them is narrowing. Relatively speaking, the pressure of Warcraft is greater. Liu Feng stood in a new secret stronghold, now that the matter of the traitor has been resolved, gold CIP machine ,Portable gold trommel, and because of the Fabiano incident, the Saint Gate has become unusually cooperative, so the human interior as a whole is temporarily unbreakable, so Liu Feng gave up the idea of continuing guerrilla warfare, gathered all the people together again to recuperate, and called back Monstock from the western continent. I don't know why, but Liu Feng always feels that the war of God may break out, and it is a great waste of fighting power to continue to keep Monstock in the western continent. And for such a long time, Warcraft has not shown even the slightest interest in the western continent. In Liu Feng's view, it is likely that Warcraft also needs a place to recuperate after the war. Therefore, the western continent has temporarily become a place where both sides do not want to get involved. In this way, the safety of the western continent is even less worrying. "The other side's god-level strong, has not had any movement." It's not normal. Inside the stronghold, several human leaders gathered here. Of course, they were all under Liu Feng's command. The saints at the Saint Gate had never appeared from beginning to end. They behaved very similar to the god-level strong people of Warcraft. No matter what, only after the Fabiano incident, it seemed that the people at the Saint Gate had been asked from inside the gate to cooperate fully with Liu Feng's idea. But even so, the saints of the Holy Gate did not appear to give Liu Feng any explanation. Monstock had just returned to the East Continent and did not know much about some things, so he was very silent, but he seldom spoke, so he did not seem abrupt. The opening is the ancestor Reg, although Reg also has the strength of the sub-god level, and over the past few years self-cultivation, the level of strength seems to be further, but Liu Feng did not agree with Reg to participate in the war. First, because the war is really too dangerous, even if you are a sub-god level of the strong, in a war of this scale is also likely to be killed by the other side, and Reg itself for the meaning of Liu Feng nature can not just be a sub-god level of the strong as simple, this is his family's ancestors, family and their deepest feelings, Liu Feng of course do not want to Reg risk, So although Reg himself very much hoped to be able to go to the battlefield, to fight for the race, at least before he was the peak of the race, but under the strong opposition of Liu Feng had to put the idea aside. At this moment, several people gathered together in this small house to discuss how to go next. Reg hesitated for a while and said the above sentence. Liu Feng explained some of his ideas and the whole god-level things during this period, so the people in the house had some understanding. Is not normal, Warcraft God level strong performance is too aloof, this and I met in the forgotten continent different, forgotten continent God level strong for their own race bias is very obvious, although the forgotten continent of human beings believe in the corresponding Warcraft, for the God beast is respected, but for Warcraft, human beings are still just slaves, Only because of the existence of those human god-level strong people in the city of divine punishment,Carbon in Pulp, it will appear more harmonious, these god-level Warcraft, the performance is too unusual. Liu Feng nodded in agreement.