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Posted By Lang Lang     Aug 23    


Still wearing some pajamas, he rubbed his eyes hazily. "Are you back?" Her voice was soft and glutinous, vaguely like the girl who liked to follow him most in those days. Huating's heart softened unconsciously. "Ah, haven't you woken up yet?" Hua Yan glared at him angrily, "if you break into my room so directly again, I will go to sue my mother!" Although Huating is still smiling, but the smile has not reached the fundus, "did not wake up to wash your face, Huaying, there is something I want to ask you." He rarely spoke to her in such a serious tone. Huating had always loved Huaying. At this time, when he saw the storm coming on his face, Huaying suspected that he was dazzled. What "Ye Qin." Hua Ting turned his back and ordered coldly, "Go and tidy up for the young lady. I'll wait for her in the study." When Huaying was sent to the study by Ye Qin, Huating had already set up breakfast in the outer room. It has to be said that anger is anger, and Huating's care for the details of Huaying has always been impeccable. From taste to temperature, from color and fragrance to smell, if Huating really wants to spoil a person, the details are really beyond Xue Yi's reach. Everyone has his own expertise. Xue Daduzhu is good at grasping people's weaknesses and magnifying them,tin beneficiation plant, but Huating is more like a meticulous infiltration. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Eat first and then talk about it. Hua Ting's complexion still did not improve, leaving Hua Yu alone in the outer hall and going into the inner room to deal with official business. He is really busy, Xia Ze's favor is mixed with a lot of tentative elements, he is now a hot star, just human relations is a great knowledge, not to mention further party struggle. Hua just picked up a few mouthfuls and put the bowl,coltan ore processing, only to get up and be pressed back by Longxuan who came out of nowhere. Long Xiaoxuan smiled and filled her with another bowl of porridge. "Childe said that Miss Wu would not leave until she finished eating!" Hua Yan looked at Long Xuan with a smile, holding his arms in all directions. Long Xuan withered silently, "all right, I'll drink." So.. The girl who controls something is really stunning! Hua Ting was obviously a little upset, and when he came in, he saw him turning back and forth in a restless circle. As soon as Huaying entered the door, Huating looked at her in general. Sit down What do you ask Long Xiaoxuan? The unloyal man has already run away to see his sister. Thank you! "You are really comfortable these days," Huating irritably stopped, "I have long told you that you have a bad relationship with anyone, but you have to get involved with Xue Yi!" "I don't understand what you're talking about," he sneered. "Don't think I don't know. You're angry with me when you come back!" She behaved very much like a little girl who had been scolded by her brother. Hua Ting looked at her quietly for a moment and suddenly opened his mouth in a very strange tone. "When did you become like this?" Hua Yan raised her eyebrows slightly and turned her head with a snort. You have never disobeyed me before, nor have you ever fooled around with other men, nor have you now mixed up with Xue Yi behind my back, gold cil machine ,coltan ore processing, intending to ruin my big event! "In the final analysis, the event that ruined you is true," Hua said with a sneer, "isn't Niang unwilling to let me marry Liu Ning? What's the use of coming here to get angry with me? If you have the ability to find Niang, tell her that you want me to marry Xia Ze's favorite, I'd like to see what you're going to say to her! "Must you misunderstand me so much?" Huating laughed back angrily. "No, or should I say you must continue to play dumb?" "Why don't I tell you that you and Xue Yi have been looking for Huichen's family, and they are all in my hands." As soon as Huating's words came out, Huaying was stunned on the spot. How would he know! See Huaying froze, Huating's heart is not half comfortable, but only feel more sour and unspeakable, "Ah, what did I do to make you so separated from me now?" Huating gave a wry smile, "I gave you the warm jade, but you gave it to someone else." The people in my backyard. I have no intention of asking you to send anyone in again, and I'm not going to apologize for what I did, but I just want to be clear. ” He has always been reluctant to admit that he is wrong, and it is particularly sincere to put the paragraph at this time. Not to mention the matter of Huichen, but now you don't even tell me that someone has given you the medicine of tiger and wolf. Do you still have me in your heart? Speaking of the last sentence, Huating's voice finally had an uncontrollable emotion! "I tell you, what can you do?" Huaying suddenly laughed out loud, "you think about it, have I ever done anything wrong to you from beginning to end?" "Xue Yi and I were intimate, first with the news of the Dalin Temple, then with the Song family, and then completely removed the dung pot of the corruption case from the head of your faction." "And he saved my life." What about you? What did you do from beginning to end? "Apart from sending me to the pit of fire, watching me die, and now interrogating me, I'd like to ask you if you ever really thought about me, except for using me from beginning to end!" "Now who doesn't know that you are the red man in front of the emperor, where do you remember that I hate him and Song Yao!" "Even if it is to find Huichen's family this time, but also to completely eradicate the Song family," Huaying calmly opened his mouth, "the Song family is the pawn of Youwei, Youwei this time will certainly protect Song Yao's child is the son of destiny, this is tantamount to giving him a brilliant image of a heavy blow!" "I don't want you to risk it, Xue Yi." It seems to be a better person to point out than you, "with a worried look," but. I also feel that such a great credit is taken away by outsiders, and my heart is unwilling. Hua Ting has been looking at her quietly and listening to her noncommittally. Hua Yu shirked his responsibility without any trace. Anyway,portable gold wash plant, Xue Yi and Hua Ting always have a person who wants to fall for this bad guy in a hundred days. Rather than let Xue Yi step on the thunder, Hua Yan is more inclined to let Hua Ting go. Short and oily girls should not be so inquisitive when they are extroverted. Hate! "You are the one who wants to be the emperor. You will not dismiss the harem for me, nor will you defend yourself like jade for me. You may not even get the status." 。