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Youth dangling like a dog's tail
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Youth dangling like a dog's tail

Posted By Lang Lang     Aug 23    


"It's agreed." "Then I'll remember, and I won't go back on my word." But I finally went back on my word. But I know you haven't forgotten what I said, haven't you, Wen? 27. A night to look back on. (Top) Yao Wang wrote such a poem: Youth is a toilet. Time is water, We're shit. -How great! I like it. It reminds me of our youth. Unfortunately, Yao Wang said to me: "Thank God, you are not shit, you are urine, because you are too undisciplined, not shaped." Yao Wang is right. He knows what I'm thinking. Many years ago, we were all fifteen or sixteen years old. Yao Wang and I walked with cigarettes in our mouths on the busy streets of Wangfujing. On our left hand was a department store in the color of excrement, and on our right hand was the Dongfeng market, which looked like a big vegetable shed. The crowds on the streets were endless, and colorful flags of gaudy colors fluttered in the wind on the railings on both sides of the road. Yao Wang spit the cigarette butt in his mouth to the ground: "Thank God, what kind of wife do you want to find in the future?" "I don't want to find anything." "Don't be coquettish. I think you're the only one in us who is close to a woman." "What's wrong with that?"? This is not the same as looking for a wife. My ideal is to *** countless girls, and then find a wife to muddle along steadfastly when they are almost four years old. What's the hurry? But later, I met Xiaowen, and then we got together. We have been together for six years, and everything is so natural. And what about the life path I envisioned when I was a teenager? It is a pity that this thought has not gone far for a moment, and I am sure that it is still lingering in some corner of my heart. I never thought that I could be entangled with a girl for several years. Even though Xiaowen has appeared in front of me, even though we have gone through so many years hand in hand, I am still not sure whether this is really my life, or in other words, I am still not sure whether this is really the life I want. Yeah, I can't be sure. In the summer of 2000, the relationship between Xiaowen and me for many years suddenly took a turn for the worse. From then on,magnetic separator machine, although it went round and round, it was finally irretrievable and everything went with the wind. Almost all the people around me were puzzled by our breakup and asked me questions. I don't want to answer, I don't know how to answer, I don't have the courage to answer. Now, I think I'll say it. Yes, it's up to me, whether I want to admit it or not. I'm bored. The days kept passing by me, and little by little I noticed that my heart was becoming more and more restless. I always seem to feel that I am trapped in an airtight dark room, groping repeatedly, but I can't get out of the door, but I still want to roll and crawl out, I want to smell the smell outside. Restlessness is my specialty, but this time I really began to feel restless for my restlessness, because I wavered between my relationship with Xiaowen. I don't want to do this, chrome washing machine ,small gold wash plant, but the fact is that I become grumpy day by day, and I always quarrel with Xiaowen because of small things. On one occasion, because of my bad attitude, Xiaowen rushed away from my house at night and went to stay with a friend of hers for several days before coming back. What is more terrible is that the dull life has made my sexual desire drop sharply. In those days, the number of times I went to bed with Xiaowen was obviously less. Several times, when she took the initiative to express something, I lost interest and went to sleep at a loss. Come and go, oneself also can't help a little hair in the heart: "***, how am I premature senility?"? Xiaowen said to me pitifully, "Thank God, why don't you treat me as well as before?" Xiaowen said to me resentfully, "Thank God, are you tired of me?" I didn't say a word. I was perfunctory. Xiaowen hit the nail on my head. I'm really tired of our unchanged life. Everything began to be out of order, and I became less and less curious and interested in everything around me. Sometimes, I think: perhaps, no one's life can get rid of the boundless emptiness, the so-called "colorful" is just some beautiful imagination. Unfortunately, I was never good at fantasy, and I never expected to rely on romantic dreams to fill the boredom that suffocated me. Growing up, I don't remember experiencing any beautiful hallucinations, intoxicating dreams, even nightmares, which never appeared in my sleep repeatedly. As for the so-called vision of the future, it made me feel irrelevant. I realized that all happiness was closely related to reality. I mean, if the reality doesn't agree with me, I will try my best to overthrow everything, regardless of the consequences, and find another way out. So I began to aimlessly and eagerly looking for a happy shot in the arm, hoping to get rid of the mess of reality. Unfortunately, I found -- When I was walking on the street, my cell phone rang. It was Wenwu. Hey, Xiao Xie, Xiao Xie, Pan Di is here with me. He introduced me to a good place. Shall we have a good time in the evening? "Where is it?" "A singing hall." "What's new about that? It's boring." "No, it's said that there are a lot of young ladies there, and they can do whatever they want, and they can take all the 50 yuan." "Really?"? Isn't it a little too cheap? "Absolutely true.". Xiaopan has already said, "If the young lady doesn't do it, he will let us do it himself." Then what is there to say? Let's go. In the evening, the three of us gathered at Wenwu's house, packed up, and rushed into the vast night with great joy. From then on, we never came back. Pandey still keeps in touch with us from time to time. After graduation,gold heap leaching, he was assigned to a bank, and his work was so boring that he had no choice but to think of a good plan and seek pleasure. Hard work pays off. This time, he finally found out that a singing hall in Haidian was cheap and good. He could not help saying that he pulled me and Wenwu and went out immediately.