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A thousand pieces of gold to buy bones by Miss Xi
    • Last updated August 23, 2022
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A thousand pieces of gold to buy bones by Miss Xi

Posted By Lang Lang     August 23, 2022    


Mu Linglong is outspoken and not scheming, she has always been so small, even if she makes a big mess, she is not afraid. Tang Xiao likes her simple and straightforward, used to like, now is more and more difficult to resist. "Then, princess, would you rather not marry than marry someone you don't like?" Tang Xiao said word by word. Yes Mu Linglong said loudly, "As long as I like Mu Linglong, he is a beggar or a bandit, I will follow him.". If you don't like it.. Mu Linglong pulled his nose and said, "I don't care if it's the emperor." The beautiful woman in front of him was carved with powder and jade, and he was the prince under one person and above ten thousand people, but he could not hold her in his arms. Tang Xiao clenched his hands and felt a surge of sadness in his heart. What if.. Tang Xiao difficult voice, "that man, is a villain who has done a lot of bad things …" Will the princess accept it? Mu Linglong tilted her head and thought for a moment. She bit her lip and said, "You can correct your mistakes. As long as your nature is not bad, who will not forgive him?"? Your Highness, are you making fun of me? Say what I do? Didn't you just talk about your marriage? Tang Xiao took a deep breath,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, "this palace married Zhou Yue son, your heart is not for Xiu son grievance?"? Will you look down on this palace? Mu Linglong shook her head and said, "That's not true. My father said that there are many things in the world that he doesn't want to do, but he has to do.". You are the prince, and you are more helpless than my father. You marry Zhou Yue son, I am sad for Xiu son, but Xiu son is a good person,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, her soul in heaven only want you to live a safe life, if … You can be a carefree emperor, marry who … Xiu'er doesn't mind. How can Linglong be in charge of your important affairs? Mu Linglong's temper came and went quickly, as if he realized that there was something wrong with his anger just now. Mu Linglong bent her knees to Tang Xiao again and whispered, "Linglong is not sensible. She just said something that made you unhappy. Your Highness must not talk to my father." "I.." I won't say. Tang Xiao was reluctant to move and looked at Mu Linglong's eyes. He tried to make his words as calm and cold as usual. "Gone." "Have you finished what your Highness wants to say to Linglong?" Mu Linglong turned around and her eyes were clear. "Say.." It's over. "Then don't send it." Mu Linglong giggled and trotted out. "If my father knew you sent me personally, he would scold me for not being sensible." The words are getting farther and farther away, and Mu Linglong, dressed in pink, jumps like an agile deer and flashes into his own gold gate. "Your Highness?"? Your Highness? "It's time to go back to the palace," said the head of the guard respectfully. "Well." Tang Xiao withdrew his eyes and suddenly said, "Last time, I asked you to send someone to the north to find the white mink. How did it go?" The chief bowed his head and said, "It's extremely cold in the north, Blue Bottle Serum ,30ml dropper bottle, and the white mink is a spiritual thing. It's really hard to hunt.". But subordinates have asked them to find the most powerful hunter, before the winter will give your Highness to find the white mink, your Highness rest assured. "As long as you have the heart, you will find it." Tang Xiao turned on horseback, "Prince Ben, we must find the white mink." The word "love" confuses people, and it is the same for the prince. Don't you want to hunt white mink for Mu Linglong? No matter how rare the cold jade is, I can still find it. If the white mink is alive, you must have a way to hunt it. Everything depends on whether you have the determination to win. In Shanglin Garden, what Mu Ling said lingered in Tang Xiao's ears for a long time. Mu Ling can collect the world's cold jade for Xiu'er to make indestructible cold jade clothes, and he can also hunt precious and rare white mink for Mu Linglong. "You are the princess's man. Even if you go to protect the prince, you are also my Mu Linglong's man. You have to protect yourself, do you hear?" "Listen.." Hear.. "Hurry up and go. The cavalry should have left the palace. You have to fight for the face of Xianwangfu and hunt a white mink to make a lined jacket for the princess." Tang Xiao turned his head and looked again at Xianwangfu, where Mu Linglong's figure had disappeared. "Subordinates, obey orders." Si Tianjian No one was too surprised by Cheng's return-she was a diviner who had been personally tried by His Highness Wu, so what if she turned back? No one will feel different after eating again and again. Sun Wushuang responded with great enthusiasm to Cheng Kui's return, and secretly sent some good tea to Cheng Kui, saying that it was a gift for her and Mo Ya's wedding. When the prince was in danger in the forest garden, Sun Wushuang thought that he had calculated the difference with the plum blossom without being noticed, but he did not dare to disclose it, but Cheng Kui understood it thoroughly. This is the real master, compared with this blind girl, not to mention the present first diviner Zhou Yueer, even the leader Shaoqing Zhou Changan is much worse. Sun Wushuang read a lot of people. He saw the noble spirit hidden in Cheng Xuanmei's eyes. Not to mention returning to Si Tianjian, he would go further in the future, talking and laughing. He had to curry favor. It's really leisurely. Cheng Xuan leisurely tasted the Junshan Silver Needle sent by Sun Wushuang and said comfortably, "Master Sun Gua, is Si Tianjian so comfortable recently?" Sun Wushuang sat respectfully at Cheng Xuan's desk and said in a low voice, "You've really had a little leisure these two days since you came back, but.." A while ago, another jar was opened. "Open the altar and burn the bones?" Cheng Kui's eyebrows moved. "This is a big deal. Is it the emperor?" "Yes." Sun Wushuang looked around, "the emperor came to Sitianjian in person, and Zhou Shaoqing had a secret talk in the burning room for a long time, and burned the bones.." It's a pity. "What's the pity?" Cheng Kui asked curiously. Sun Wushuang squeezed his eyes, revealing a trace of contempt for the father and daughter of the Zhou family. He only thought that Cheng Kui was blind in front of him, and then he showed his true expression without fear. "Zhou Shaoqing is the ability to open the altar and burn the bones."? Not what he's good at. The emperor has no one to use, only let him go to divination, toss about for most of the day, the emperor came out with a gloomy look, it seems that Zhou Shaoqing's divination. Not satisfied. If you want to burn bones, you still have to look at Master Cheng. "Me?" Cheng Kui smiled, "you flatter me,Amber Dropper Bottles, I entered the same day as you, you have not seen my divination, how do you know I really have this ability?" 。