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Zuo Ming, you are mine.
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Zuo Ming, you are mine.

Posted By Lang Lang     Aug 23    


Something warm slipped across his lips, like a green response, but it was so slight, so slight as an illusion, that Sasuke was a little surprised, and there was a tingling sensation of being licked at the bite. So, when it attacked again, Sasuke did not hesitate to hook it and linger in his mouth. Whoo. It was discovered.. The softness that does not belong to oneself sweeps over the palate and teeth, gently entangled with one's tongue, and a strange comfort rises from the backbone to the top of the brain, and falls more and more. 2010-4-25 17:51 Reply Broken diamonds 85 fans 48th floor 2010-4-25 17:51 Reply Broken diamonds 85 fans 49th floor (Zuo Ming) You are mine. by Naosuke kato Chapter 9 Give me your love. Naruto, why did you leave without a word yesterday? And Sasuke, a lot of people wanted to play games with you yesterday. The tooth picks up the aphid on the flower path with tweezers and says to Naruto, who is building a flower branch beside him. Ah The speaker has no intention, but the listener has a heart. As soon as Naruto remembered the scene of two people kissing on the stage last night, his heart stopped beating for a few beats, and his cheeks blushed involuntarily. In that case, how can we still play games? To this day, the communication between them is no more than four sentences, as if they had lost the ability to speak overnight,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, and when they looked at each other, they always felt inexplicably embarrassed. He did not understand, as if something disturbed his thinking, how to think can not restore the previous relationship, the feelings of Sasuke seems to have changed into their own fear of the unknown, in the end he, how to do? "Hey,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, Naruto, be careful. Don't cut the flowers with a pair of scissors." Seeing that Naruto was about to destroy the flower, the tooth grabbed his arm and prevented a tragedy from happening. "Oh," Naruto looked at the tooth in a confused way, and turned to stare at the potted plant in front of him. "Tooth, you said how nice it would be if people were flowers." "What?"? Are you stupid? Why are you suddenly talking about this? Teeth can't help laughing. If people are flowers, they only need to grow, blossom and wither, without thinking about many things they don't understand. Naruto reached out and touched the delicate flower, and a small petal could not withstand the external force and fell leisurely. You can also say such emotional words, Naruto, have you met anything unpleasant? The teeth folded their arms and slanted their heads to look at Naruto in a daze. Teeth, have you ever encountered such a situation? Whether you want to think about it or not, there is always a figure hovering in your mind. When you can't see him, Glass Cream Jars ,glass cream jars, you especially want to see him as soon as possible. When you can see him, you are afraid to see him. Finally, you see him but you don't know how to face him. It's so strange.. Naruto murmured, with a rare melancholy in his blue eyes. …… This Naruto, I'm not sure, but it's obvious that you're in the state of a maiden in love. Teeth struggled to make their point. = = | | | "Teeth!"! What are you talking about! Why am I like a girl? Naruto, who was originally deep, flew into a rage and chased his teeth to play in the small flower shed. Hello! Hello! You two, don't step on the flowers and plants! Shikamaru appeared in time to stop the two people who were having a lot of fun. 2010-4-25 17:52 Reply Broken diamonds 85 fans 50th floor "Shikamaru, you're just in time. Naruto is having emotional problems now. Please give him some advice from this master." Tooth said jokingly, and at the same time, in order to prevent Naruto from attacking again, he cleverly hid behind Shikamaru. Naruto also has emotional problems. Tell me what it is. Shikamaru asked knowingly. Also. It's nothing. Naruto lowered his head and played with the scissors in his hand. Is it about Sasuke? Shikamaru hit the nail on the head. The genius title of IQ200 is not a boast. Ah How do you know?! Naruto raised his head, his wide-open blue eyes full of question marks. I can see that. Shikamaru shrugged his shoulders and said, "Who can't see that?" So, Shikamaru, can you help me? Naruto looked at Shikamaru expectantly. "This is not something I can help," Shikamaru patted Naruto on the shoulder and said meaningfully. "Do you understand your feelings for Sasuke? That kind of mood can only be expressed by yourself, otherwise no one can replace you. "But I don't understand. Now I'm nervous when I see Sasuke. What can I say to him to get back to the way it used to be?" Naruto frowned, squeezing a touch of sadness out of his delicate brows. Anyway, it's up to you, Naruto. You know, love is a very subtle thing. Shikamaru waved his hand mysteriously and walked out of the flower shed. Shikamaru's front foot walked out of the flower shed, followed by his back foot, and the two men's bickering could be heard faintly. Shikamaru, how did you instigate Naruto to confess to Sasuke? Which side are you leaning towards? "Trouble, I'm not partial to anyone." "Hum, you and Ningji are not the first to confess, why is it Naruto's turn to ask him to confess first?"? You are not loyal enough! "Tooth, say one more word and I'll take you to Shinai's lab." 2010-4-25 17:52 Reply Broken diamonds 85 fans 51st floor What.. Naruto, who was "abandoned" by the two, blinked doubtfully and went back to do his own volunteer work. Teeth really, said to help themselves, the work did not finish people go first, Shikamaru is also, put aside a mindless words on the departure, said what love when micro. Eh? Naruto's scissors were frozen in midair. Did he mishear something just now? Love? Shikamaru means.. Ah, ah, ah, no?! They are all boys, so they can't have children in the future! Ah! Incorrect! Now is not the time to think about this kind of problem! Have not figured out to think of things in the future, is the subconscious he has been when Sasuke is. It's a lover.. Why does my face burn at the thought of that word? God, I, I, I'm not really in love with him. Purr Sasuke is very good,oil dropper bottle, I want him to stay with me forever. If you are a lover, you should be together forever, right? Ah What am I supposed to say to him? What if he doesn't agree.