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The Roger Mystery _ Agatha Christie
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The Roger Mystery _ Agatha Christie

Posted By Lang Lang     Aug 23    


"Oh, thank you for the liniment, doctor," she said at last, "and not because I believe it will do any good." Nor did I believe that the medicine would have any effect on her, but as a doctor, I refuted her incorruptibility. Anyway, there's no harm in using this medicine, and as a doctor, I have to defend my profession. "I don't believe in any of these drugs," said Miss Russell, scanning the row of bottles on the shelf with a contemptuous glance. " Drugs can do a lot of harm. You only have to look at cocaine addicts. "Well,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, for that matter & # 8212;" "Very popular among the upper classes." I believe Miss Russell knows more about the upper class than I do, so I don't want to argue with her. "I want to consult you, doctor," said Miss Russell. If you are really addicted to drugs,Thyroid Powder Factory, is there any medicine to cure it? It's impossible to explain this kind of problem all at once. I just gave her a brief explanation, and she listened very carefully. I still suspect that she is using this question to inquire about Mrs. Ferrars. Yes, like Verona, "I continued.". But strangely, she didn't seem to be interested in Verona at all. She suddenly changed the subject and asked me if there was a rare poison that could not be detected after taking it. Ah I said, "You read detective stories?" She admitted that she had read it. The best part of a detective story is to get a rare poison if possible. But go to South America. This poison has never been heard of. A little known barbarian tribe used it to rub on their bows and arrows. As soon as people touch it, they will be poisoned to death immediately, and the developed science in the West can not detect this poison. Is that what you want to know? "Yes, is there such a thing in the world?" I shook my head apologetically. I'm afraid there is no such thing. Of course, S Adenosyl Methionine ,Glucono Delta Lactone, there is a poison called curare. I told her a lot about the properties of curare, but she didn't seem interested. She asked me if I had this poison in my drug locker, and I replied that I did not. At this time, from her expression, we can see that her estimate is consistent with my answer. She got up to leave, and I walked her to the door of the surgery room, just as the lunch Gong sounded. I shouldn't doubt Miss Russell's taste for detective stories. I smugly imagined her reading detective stories: she went out of the housekeeper's room, scolded the delinquent maid, and then went back to her comfortable room to concentrate on The Mystery of the Seventh Death or other detective stories. .t|xt. Small . Shuo Tian + Tang wwW. xiaOshuo Chapter 3 The Pumpkin Grower At lunch I told Caroline I was going to Fearnley Court for dinner. Not only did she oppose it, but on the contrary, she supported me to go. "Great," she said. "You get to know everything.". By the way, what happened to Ralph? "Something happened to Ralph?" I said in amazement, "No such thing." "So why did he stay in Thribor instead of coming to Fearnley?" Caroline said that Ralph Peyton was staying at a local inn. I did not question this, because she said that this was enough for me. Ackroyd told me he was in London. I said, surprised to forget an important rule about not revealing any information. Oh Caroline gave a cry. Her nose always twitches when this happens to her. He arrived at Thribble yesterday morning, "she said," and is still there. I went out with a girl last night. I'm not surprised to hear that. It can be said that Ralph went out with girls almost every night of his life. But I don't understand why he came to Kim Abbot to have fun instead of having fun in the luxurious metropolis of London? "Did you go out with the barmaid?" I asked. Nope. All I know is that he went out with her, but I don't know who this girl is. Caroline had to admit that she didn't know. It was a very embarrassing thing for her. "But I can guess who she is." My sister still refuses to admit defeat. I waited patiently for her to go on. It's his cousin. Is that Flora Ackroyd? ?” I asked in surprise. Of course, Flora. Ackroyd and Ralph. & # 183; Peyton is not related in any way. But Ralph had long been regarded as Ackroyd's biological son. So people take it for granted that their relationship is a cousin relationship. It's her. Replied my sister. If he wanted to see her, why didn't he go to Fearnley Court? "They're engaged in secret," Caroline gushed. Old Aykroyd can't know about this. They have to date like this. There were many flaws in Caroline's reasoning, but I tried not to point them out to her. Then the conversation turned to the new neighbors. Our comments about our new neighbors were not meant to hurt. The house next door was called the Larsh, and its owner had recently moved in, and we didn't know him. Caroline was very angry because she could not find out anything about him except that he was a foreigner. Her brain trust is at its wits' end. It is assumed that this person, like others, likes to drink milk, eat vegetables,Heme Iron Polypeptide, hoof, and occasionally eat cod. But the people who often deliver goods to his door don't seem to know much about him. He is known only as Monsieur Poirot, a name that gives the impression of confusion. 。 One thing we do know is that he is interested in growing pumpkins.