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Go to the horizon alone
    • Last updated August 23, 2022
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Go to the horizon alone

Posted By Lang Lang     August 23, 2022    


It's a pity that Feng Xiaoxiao is a beginner in the game. He knows nothing about the common sense of this kind of game. It's the first time that he met the speed of the previous knife attack. He had to go all out to avoid it. He couldn't find a chance to fight back for a while and a half. But Liu Yue suddenly changed the knife to an ordinary attack. In Feng Xiaoxiao's opinion, it really gave him an excellent chance to fight back. After the wind rustling, he stretched out his right hand and used it for the second time to "catch the wind and catch the shadow". The flowing moon was not spared. The full moon scimitar was caught by the wind rustling and flew up. The medicine was still breaking out at this moment. The internal force speed rose over 100. A foot "wind and clouds", the flowing moon was kicked out. The audience was shocked. Except for Feiyun, Baixiaosheng and Liuyue, it was the second time for the other three people to see the kungfu of Feng Xiaoxiao to seize the white blade empty-handed. If the previous "nkie Dao" was not good at martial arts, but Liuyue was the second master in the gang after the leader, which made the full moon scimitar much better than the Nike Dao. And the wind rustling that fast as lightning foot is also enough to surprise people, one foot can kick out the flow of the moon, visible attack is not small. But everybody in the mind more thoughts are actually: "The weapon has not come out to flow the moon to defeat!" " The sword on the back of the wind can be seen in the eyes of all, did not expect the sword has not come out, the flow of the moon has been kicked away. Little did they know that when they saw the wind rustling with a sword on his back, the wind rustling himself forgot that he still had a sword on his back! Otherwise, you don't have to swallow the medicine just now to make the "wind and clouds". Only then did Liu Yue get up from the ground. In fact, although he was kicked, the injury could not cause a fatal injury, but everyone looked at him with a clear look: you have lost. Bai Xiaosheng was also taken aback. He was really a real person who didn't show his face. He didn't look like a real person in the restaurant. At that time, he thought he was close to himself. Unexpectedly,Sex Enhancement Powder, he was a master. The scene looked a little awkward. Feiyun hurriedly came out to smooth things over and said to Feng Xiao Xiao, "My friend is very good at martial arts!" "I'm flattered," said Feng Xiaoxiao politely. "It's just a fluke." Feiyun then said, "My friend still won't tell me what kung fu it is?" The wind rustled in silence and finally said, "Master, should you say something?" Feiyun smiled heartily again and said, "Yes,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, yes, I should say it. I'll tell you now that I'm not from Tsing Yi!" The wind rustled and looked carefully at Feiyun's face. Feiyun seemed to smile, as if he were telling the truth, but it seemed to be a lie. Silence for a moment, the wind rustling way: "Then I leave, goodbye!" " Then he turned and left. Feiyun stood up from his seat and shouted, "Wait a minute!" Book friends are welcome to visit and read, the latest, the fastest, the most popular serial works in the original! Small. Say 。 t! Xt-Paradise Chapter 50 old friends meet again. The rustling wind turned leisurely and asked, "What else?" People's eyes gathered on Feiyun. Feiyun said in a deep voice, "That's what several members of our gang mentioned when they met you in a teahouse in Yangzhou last time. I want to bring up the past again and invite you to join us in Feiyun Villa again." Without even thinking about it, Feng Xiaoxiao replied, D BHB Factory ,Theobromine Powder, "As I said last time, I don't want to join a gang." "You don't have to answer in such a hurry," said Feiyun. "Think about it again." "No," said Feng Xiaoxiao without hesitation. "I've already thought about the gang very clearly." Feiyun asked, "Can you tell me the reason why you don't join the gang?" Feiyun's question made Feng Xiaoxiao recall the unbearable past, but he quickly returned to reality and answered, "I don't want to, I don't want to, there's no reason!" Feiyun watched the wind rustling for a long time. Then he said, "In that case, please go." "Goodbye, then," said the wind with a rustling smile. Turn around and float away. Several people in the hall asked, "Master, did you just let him go?"? Why don't we.. Feiyun waved his hand to interrupt the other side's speech, winked at the other side, and curled his mouth in the direction of Bai Xiaosheng. The other side understands, hurriedly a sudden brake to shut the mouth. Feiyun sighed with emotion: "This man's strength is unfathomable!" The wind left Feiyun Villa, I have nothing to do in Yangzhou, I haven't seen them in the game for a long time, just go back to Luoyang to see them. At this time, the cornucopia has left the Iron Flag Alliance and gone to the Money Gang. The eldest brother and Xiaoyao are now in the Iron Flag Alliance. The eldest brother is now at level 69 and is in the stage of 70. Xiaoyao is now at level 63 and is also a little famous in Jianghu. The message was sent to the boss to ask where they were, and they were working together on Taobao in the market of Luoyang. According to the guidance of two people came to the big square in the city of Luoyang, here and the wind rustling into the city of Xiangyang to see the same, a sea of people, many people behind all hold up a sign, write their own peddling items, each interspersed among them to choose their own needs, bargaining, very lively. The wind first drifted with the tide for a while, and immediately became impatient. The message asked the eldest brother where they were in detail. After many setbacks, he found the eldest brother and Xiaoyao in the corner of the market. The boss is bargaining with a player who sells minerals, and Xiaoyao stands aside with an expressionless face. As the distance approached, the voice of the eldest brother gradually became clear, "The market price is 50 taels, how can you sell 80 taels?" The other side answers: "I sell 80 two all the time, want to do not want optional you!" The eldest brother shook his head and sighed, "I can't stand you rookies!" Turned around and left. The wind was wondering why the eldest brother left without saying hello to Xiaoyao. Xiaoyao, who had been stopping beside him, opened his mouth and said, "Hey, how do you sell this topaz mine?" "80 taels!" "80 taels?"? Do you understand or not? "What's the matter?" The other side's tone was slightly discontented. The market price is 50 taels. How can you sell 80 taels? "I've always sold 80 taels!" "I'll take 50 taels!" The other side hesitates,Thyroid Powder Factory, free and easy strike while the iron is hot: "I won't cheat you, market price is 50 two, do not believe you ask others!" The other side thought again: "Good!"! Sell you! 。